You’ve Goat This” Quest Preview!

Mini goats can climb, jump, crawl over or under anything they want to! Yeah, they get bored easily and need to be entertained.

 Yeah! Let’s start by building a raised pen for the mini goat. Crazed Raised Pen
Place the Raised Goat Pen.Feed 4 Adult Goat.Water 15 Snowdrop.
Collect 5 Corn Toss Toy.Feed 4 Adult Cow.Craft 3 Lemonade.
Use 3 Farm Hand.10 actions on Neighbor farms.Kid do 1 Pearl Diving Job
Collect 5 Seasow Plank.Harvest 15 White Lily.Make 2 White Lily Wreath.
Tend your Goat Shelter 2 times.Fertilize 20 Wheat.Make 3 Iced Fig Cake.
Feed your Adult Pig 5 times.Harvest 20 Snowdrop.Make 3 Snowdrop Sack Wall Hanging.
Collect 5 Mini Goat Blanket.Harvest 4 Apple Tree. Go Fishing 5 times.
Yogurt Creamery 2 times.Feed 5 Adult Sheep.Make 3 Mango Angel Fruit Cake.
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