With Love Quest Preview!

Wow, {user}, love is certainly in the air! Will you help me get this busy county take a break and enjoy this beautiful season of love?

Place the Romantic Gazebo.Gather 15 Water.Water 15 Aloe Vera.
Collect 5 Love Swirl.Feed 4 Adult Goat.Make 2 Aloe Lemonade.
Harvest 3 Pecan Tree.Feed 6 Adult Cow.Have your sweetie.
Collect 5 Balloon Wicker Basket.Gather 20 Power.Make 4 Clotted Cream Scone.
 Duck House 2 times.Harvest 2 Myrtle Tree.Make 3 Blueberry Wedding Cake.
Feed 6 Adult Rabbit.Make 3 White Dreamcatcher.Make 5 Sunflower Vase.
Collect 5 Hamper of Love.Feed 4 Adult Donkey.Go Fishing 5 times.
Tend your Horse Stable 2 times.Harvest 30 Strawberry.Make 3 Strawberry Sherbet.
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