Winter Planter Build (Coming 1/5/16)

Winter Planter Build (Coming 1/5/16):  Where have all the winter weeds gone?Winter Weeding Time! Harvest your crops, collect Winter Weeds, and win great Rewards! Build your Winter Planter! Harvest crops to collect Winter Weeds. Find more in fertilized land and water crops! Gather Winter Weeds and win a baby Brown Skewbald Mini Horse before time runs out!



Stone Carving Hammer Planter Jars
Sack of Pebbles Winter Planter
Winter Weeds  Winter Moon Gate
Set of Winter Stone Walls Vanderwolf Limber Pine Tree
Limber Pine Tree   Elder Pine Tree
New Recipes:
Raisin Custard Raisin Cake
Apple Raisin Filling Heirloom Apple Raisin Filling
Cake Rising Apple Heirloom Cake Rising Apple

Two Winter Weeds Three Winter Weeds
Three Winter Weeds Five Winter Weeds
Seven Winter Weeds Mortar and Pestle
Home Remedy Jar  Sheet of Labels
New Ask/Post to Friends:
Weed Popper Weed Puller
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