Why am I not getting Stocking Points from the goods I am crafting?

We have received contacts from players who are reporting that they aren’t getting the Stocking Points after crafting items using the resources indicated in the Giving Sleigh tasks.

You will only earn Stocking Points when you craft goods using the resources indicated in the task. Any goods that you craft outside the requirement won’t give you credit.

For example, if the task is asking you to craft goods using Rubber, you should craft goods using Rubber. On the other hand, if the task is asking you to craft goods using Rubber and Ropes together, you should not craft items that would consume any resources other than those two.
Crafting heirloom recipes won’t give you Stocking Points unless the task asks for it.
You can only earn Stocking Points from a single task per crafting.
Below is the list of recipes that you can craft based on the combinations of ingredients indicated in the Sleigh tasks.
  • Corn + Blueberry = Blueberry Spread
  • Rubber + Rope = Feeding Bucket
  • Trout + Potato = Smoked Trout
  • Water Bamboo + Tomato = Tomato Bamboo Stir-fry
  • Seaweed + Tomato = Seaweed Stir-fry
  • Blueberry + Strawberry = Summer Pudding
  • Acorn Squash (Limited Edition) + Water = Acorn Squash Soup
Now that we have the list of goodies to craft, we recommend to use the Search bar on the upper right portion of the crafting buildings to find the recipes much faster.
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