What’s the Keepers’ Farm? Go to Keepers’ Farm

What’s the Keepers’ Farm? The Keepers’ Farm is a beautiful space owned by the Keepers of the Harvest. You can unlock it by finishing the Book of Christmas Traditions.
The farm has a Water Tower, a Windmill, a Fertilizer Shed, and Fields and Groves, and you’ll be able to harvest all of these over two weeks!

Go to Keepers’ Farm

The Level 5 Keepers’ Farm will give you a maximum of 7560 Water, 6300 Power and 3528 Fertilizer over the course of two weeks! You’ll want to win as many Keys as possible so that you don’t miss out on these benefits.


Remember, you’ll only unlock access to the Keepers’ Farm if you finish hosting all 12 Christmas Traditions! Normal Mode and Challenge Mode: Choose your own Difficulty! You can choose the difficulty level at which you play through the event. This choice will be available to you from Page 2 onward.
Each Page you start on will give feature a specific Challenge, and will give you a choice to play through the Page in Normal Mode or Challenge Mode.
There are three types of Challenges:

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