What are Boosts and where can I purchase them?

The Boosts work the same way the Certificates do. By earning enough Credits, you can purchase a Boost of your choice in the Boost Menu. You will also unlock more Boosts as you level up!

Click on the Boost Menu located at the bottom right part of the game screen.
You can exchange your Credits for Boosts for your  home farm. There are lots of Boosts to choose from so earn as many Credits as you can to give your home farm a farmtastic advantage! Strive to reach higher levels on your Gourmet Farm to unlock more Boosts. More Boosts, more fun!
Where can I view the remaining time for the Boost I am using?
When a certain boost is active, you can view its duration on the upper portion of your Neighbor Bar.
Important Notes:
  • Boosts cannot be purchased when on the Gourmet Farm. Only when you travel back to your home farm you can exchange Credits for Boosts.
  • Only one Boost can be activated at a time. When a Boost is already in effect, the rest of it becomes unavailable for purchase and remains on locked state.
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