We Were Snailing Along” Quest Preview!


Snails like exercise, so your garden needs things for them to climb. Plenty of shade keeps their eyes from hurting, too.

Place Snail Garden   Water 15 Pink Dahlia.   Feed 4 Adult Chicken.
Collect 5 Feeding.  Feed 3 Adult Goat.   Make 2 Pink Dahlia
Use 3 Farm Hand.  Perform 10 neighbor farm.  Cave Exploring job.
Collect 5 Snail Carrier. Fertilize 20 Onion. Make 2 Swiss Cheese Soup.
 Pig Pen 2 times Harvest 20 Pink Dahlia. Make a Pink Dahlia
Feed 4 Adult Sheep.Harvest 20 Corn Make 3 Cornbread.
Collect 5 Sesame Oil  Harvest 2 Pine Tree. Go Fishing 5 times.
 Rabbit Warren 2 times.  Feed 3 Adult Pig. Make 3 Embroidered Horse
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