“Water Wars!” Quest Preview!

Oh, hi {user}. You’re just in time. You look exhausted.
Yes, what with the Animal Wash and all my farm work. I’m really feeling the heat!
Let’s cool off!

Release Date: 30/06/2015


While the animals are enjoying their wash, let’s get some water for a sprinkler party of our own!

Gather 15 Water. Water 15 Red Okra.  Feed 3 Adult Chicken.

Get 5 Bathing Costume. Harvest 15 Red Okra. Make 2 Red Okra.

Harvest 15 Pumpkin. Make 2 Pumpkin Filling. 1 Foraging job

Get 5 Colorful Sponge  Feed 4 Adult Chicken. Make 2 Cranberry.

Chicken Coop 2 timesFeed 2 Adult Turkey.Make 3 Rustic Truffle Oil Bread.

Duck House 2 times.Feed 2 Adult Duck.Make 3 White Centerpiece.

Collect 5 Water Squirter.Gather 15 Fur.Go Fishing 5 times.

Rabbit Warren 2 timesRabbit Warren 2 times 3 Strawberry Angel Food

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