“Turtley Eggciting! Week 1” Quest Preview!

During the Next Week will come a New Building: “The Turtle Hatchery” and it will bring 4 weeks of new Quests! Loot at the 1st Week! Release Date: 12/05/2015

Gather 30 Water.  Water 20 Blueberry. Craft 4 Duck Brush
Collect 5 Sphagnum Moss. Harvest 5 Fig Tree. Craft 5 Fig Filling
Make 4 Floral Trivet.  Get or Raise 1 adult Pig.  Make 2 Slow Drip
Make 5 Apple Filling. Make 2 Soil Thermometer
Collect 18 Sphagnum  Get or Raise 2 adult Duck.
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