To The Races” Quest Preview!

Hey {user}! I’m super excited! It’s almost time for the races, isn’t it? There’s going to be a larger than usual crowd gathering on your farm this time.

Looks like it. I have a checklist here, that we can use to be prepared. Sounds good.

Release Date: 04/08/2015

Buy 1 Mini Donkey. Water 15 Blue Moon Gladiolus.  Make 3 Half and Half.
Get 5 Ground Tamper. Use 3 Farm Hand. Perform 10 helpful actions
Feed 4 Adult Mini Donkey. Make 2 Twine Caddy. Kid do 1 Pearl Diving job.
Get 5 Bow Rake.Gather 15 Orange.Make 4 Orange Cupcake. 
Feed 4 Adult Turtle.Make 3 Burlap Leaves.Make 3 Brown Drapes.
Gather 20 Peach.Make 4 Peach Lemonade.Make 3 Twine Shelf.
Collect 5 water the track  Make 4 Healthy Pumpkin Balls. Go Fishing 5 times.
Tend your Goat Shed 2 times. Make 2 Apple Pie. Make 3 Strawberry Angel Food Cake.
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