“Tail of the Tape” Quest Preview!

The Duck Derby’s a huge hit at FarmVille! We’ve never seen such a huge attendance before! It’s so exciting! 

There’s so many new faces – I’m going to train my own duck to enter in a few races! As mayor, my entry should make our guests feel encouraged to participate in more races.

Buy 1 Duck.  Water 15 Blackcap Raspberry   Make 5 Egg Salad
Collect 5 Duck Racing . Harvest 20 Raspberry.  10 helpful actions
Feed 4 Adult Duck.  Make 2 Raspberry    Have your sweetie
Collect 5 Duck Toy   Harvest 5 Orange Tree.  Make 4 Orange Cupcake.
Feed 4 Adult Goat.    Make 3 Red Yarn.    Make 3 Strawberry Ice Cream!
 Sheep Shack 2 times.    Make 3 Pecan Muffin!  Make 3 Feather Charm
Collect 5 Racing Trophy.  Make 3 Plush Duck Toy.  Go fishing 5 times.
Duck House 2 times   Make 5 Feather Duster.  Make 4 Cheddar Loaf
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