New Year Fiesta! (Coming Soon)

Marie has plans for a grand New Year Fiesta for the county.Fertilize and grow prize vegetables to earn Fiesta Points.Win unique baby animals, free water time and a lovely holiday tree!
Vegetable crop packets give the most Fiesta Points!

New Year Fiesta Reward:

1)You won a Mini Resource Pack for a quick boost for your farming needs!

2)You won a Bottle Throttle Pack with super resources for some quick progress.

3)You won this 6 Hour Water Certificate to help you rush towards the finish line!

4)You won a Special Holiday Tree. Get amazing gifts for 5 days from this tree.

5)The Baby White Fjord Horse and the Baby Beige Parthenais Cow are ready to grace your farm!

6)Get unlimited water for 6 hours and make this New Year Fiesta a success!

Thank you for your contribution for the New Year Fiesta preparations!

Fireworks Crate  Fiesta Point
Baby White Fjord Horse
 Beige Parthenais Cow
A special tree for the season which will give you amazing rewards!
Holiday Tree  Holiday Tree

Get Water, Instagrow, Shovel and some other amazing rewards for 5 days!
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