Mini Maze Craze Quest Preview!

Hello, {user}! Mini Cows are the next little big thing. They take up less space, and produce superior output! In keeping with the all-things-mini craze, we should build a mini maze. You know, for the children! Sounds crazy! I will greatly appreciate every bit of help. I don’t want to spend too much time away from Barbara and Percy!


Mineral Lick on your farm       Feed 3 Adult Chicken.         Water 20 Mizuna.
Collect 5 a Maze Arch           Feed 4 an Adult Goat.        Make 2 Cornbread
Use 3 Farm Hand         Perform 10 helpful            1 Cave Exploring job
Collect 5 Maze Map         Harvest 25 Blueberry     Make 4 Berry Custard
Tend your Chicken Coop 2   Harvest 30 Mizuna   Make 1 Sugared Cranberries
Feed 3 Adult Cow     Fertilize 20 Cranberry       Make 3 Mizuna Salad
Collect 5 Straw Bale.      Harvest 4 Lemon Tree.      Go Fishing 5 times.
Sheep Shack 2 times   Feed 4 Adult Rabbit    FMake 2 Beaded Wool Pouch
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