Martha StewsworthQuest Preview

Yoohoo {user}! I’ve got a surprise! For Me? My very special friend Martha Stewsworth is coming in from CityVille! You know her? Yes! She’s dying to learn our about our crafting traditions, but there’s a slight hitch!
Not a Hitch! Very Non-Dairy. Martha’s got a bit of lactose issue…let’s see if we can make her stay more comfortable.

Feed 8 Adult Chicken   Fertilize 40 Soybean    Make 15 Soy Milk for Martha

Collect 5 Vegetable      Water 40 Potato for the salad     Make 10 Potato Salad
Spinning Wheel 2 times      Complete 3 Orderboard order       Make 3 Stuffed Perch
Collect 5 Pepper Grinder     Make 10 Soy Milk for Matha    10 Hushpuppy as a snack
Gather 4 rare Fine Fur     Make 5 Fine Fur Pillow      Make 10 Plush Burlap Pillow
Superfeed 2 Adult Donkey     Make 1 Burlap Flower       Make 1 Burlap Jar
Collect 5 Metal Plate           Make 10 Sheep Salt           Make 5 Lavender Paper
Harvest 50 Raspberry            Make 10 Raspberry Jelly       Make 3 Heirloom Walnut

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