Mad About Mini” 2nd Week, Quest Guide

Excellent team work there! Things always move faster with the right company. Congratulations! Your mini cow received a clean bill of health! Don’t tell anyone, but I tried a bit of that warm, sweet milk. It was delicious.

Mad About Mini: 5-16
Quest Tasks:
Make 11 Strawberry Lemonade
Use 5 Farm Hands
Make 8 Leather Puches

Mad About Mini: 6-16
Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Health Certificates
Fertilize 20 Wheat
Make 13 Apple Fillings

Mad About Mini: 7-16
Quest Tasks:
Complete 1 Mini Mineral Lick
Raise 1 Baby Cow
Make 5 Warm Sweetened Milk

Mad About Mini: 8-16
Quest Tasks:
Tend your Cow Shed 2 times
Make 11 Rice Puddings
Make 2 Blue Wool Bolts

Bonus Quest:

The Mini Challenge: 2-4
Quest Tasks:
Make 8 Leather Pouches
Raise 2 Baby Cows
Feed 30 Adult Horses

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