“Keep Pressing On!” Quest Preview!

Ever heard of a herbarium? Percy wants me to teach him about plants for his show and tell project.
 I need to press flowers to help him identify them. Release Date: 08/09/2015

Place the Paper Press. Fertilize 10 Society Garlic. Feed 3 Adult Chicken.
Get 5 Herbarium Scrapbook. Feed 3 Adult Pig. Make 2 Leather Pouch.
Use 3 Farm Hand.  Perform 10 helpful actions  Have your sweetie
Get 5 Resin.  Fertilize 20 Crimean Iris.  Make 4 Crimean Iris
Goat Seltehr 2 times. Harvest 15 Society Garlic. Make 2 Society Garlic
Feed 4 Adult Cow.  Harvest 30 Pumpkin.  Make 4 Pumpkin Pie.
Get 5 Herbarium Press. Harvest 2 Bayer’s White  Go Fishing 5 times.
Tend your Duck House 2 times Feed 4 Adult Sheep. Make 2 Beaded Wool Punch.
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