How can I access my Gourmet Farm?

To visit your Gourmet Farm, click on the Hot Air Balloon located to the left of your State Fair Wagon.

What are RPs and RP Meter?

Reputation Points (RP) serves as the Experience Points (XP) for the Gourmet farm. They are earned whenever we finish a quest, tend crops, and make or craft gourmet goodies in the Gourmet Farm.
The RP meter displays the level of our Gourmet Farm, and the accumulated RPs that we have earned.
Simply put, the RP and RP meter are the counterpart of our home farm’s XP and XP meter, respectively. Looks very familiar!

What is Mulch and how do I obtain it?

The Mulch is a consumable item that we use in order to make the crops grow. You earn “Mulch” by harvesting fertilized crops on your home farm.

On what Gourmet Farm level can I craft gourmet goodies?

Upon reaching level 3 in the Gourmet Farm, Marie will pay a visit, and will introduce to you the Winery, and how to use it. The higher the Gourmet Farm level, the more goodies you can make!

How do I determine the number of visitors that a certain gourmet goodie can serve?

Click on the Winery to view the gourmet goodies that you can craft. Each recipe indicates the number of visitors that it can serve.
(The image below shows the icon for visitors, followed by the number of visitors that a goodie can serve.)
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