“Holiday Hurrah!” Quest Preview!

Hey {user}! Everyone is excited about your gift grotto. It looks beautiful!
I would love it if you could help me spread the holiday cheer in the county with some decorations, food and drinks.

Release Date: 08/12/2015

Let’s Begin!
We don’t have much time left for the holidays. We should start our preparations soon.

Collect 15 Water. Water 15 Russell Lupin Feed 4 Adult Chicken.

Collect 5 Santa Cap. Harvest 20 Wheat.Make 3 Apple Scone.
Harvest 4 Apple Tree. Gather 20 Power. Have your sweetie or kid do 1 Pearl Diving Job.
Collect 5 Quilling Paper. Harvest 20 Russell Lupin. Make 3 Russell Lupin Vase.
Tend your Horse Stable 2 times. Harvest 4 Lemon Tree. Make 2 Crimean Iris Corsage.
Tend your Sheep Shack 2 times. Harvest 20 Strawberry. Make 2 Strawberry Scented Bag.
Collect 5 Gnome. Tend your Fertilizer Shed or Bin 2 times. Go Fishing 5 times.
Tend your Pig Pen 2 times. Harvest 30 Sunflower. Make 3 Suncatcher.
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