Hidden Treasures” Quest Preview!

Hello! You’ve had quite a bit of luck with your turtles of late, haven’t you?  Gemstones, of all things! You’re so lucky, {user}! So, I thought, if you can find gems, so can I! Could you help out?

Place River Gem Workshop. Feed 3 Adult Chicken. Water 15 Pink Trailing Ice.
Get 5 Toy Car Wheel. Harvest 20 Wheat. Make 3 Feather Duster.
Fertilize 20 Pumpkin.Feed 3 Adult Turtle. Harvest 3 Fig Tree.
Get 5 Clock Hand. Feed 5 Adult Horse. Make 3 Chess Set.
Make 2 River Gem. Harvest 20 Pink Trailing Ice Plant. Make 2 Pink Trailing Ice Earring.
Collect 3 Topaz. Make 2 Burlap Sack. Make 3 White Lily Bouquet.
Collect 5 Display Case. Make 2 Craft Paper. Make 3 Blueberry Tart.
Tend your Cow Shed 2 times. Gather 15 Rope. Make 3 Rope Photo Frame.
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