Herbalist’s Haven & Perfumer’s Paradise (Coming Soon)

There will be two sets of 5 expansions becoming available for early release… Each set will have 5 available lots. In addition, the coin limit has been raised to 86 million. New levels to 300 will be coming soon additionally. EXPAND to HERBALIST’S HAVEN:
Expansion 1:

Sunlit Sanctuary
Expansion Cost: 86,000,000 coins
Reward: 12 Baby Bottle Pack

Expansion 2:
Healer’s Hideaway
Expansion Cost: 85,000,000 coins
Reward: 15 Speed Feed

Expansion 3:
Verdant Vistas
Expansion Cost: 84,000,000 coins
Reward: 10 Water

Expansion 4:
Herbalist’s Homestead
Expansion Cost: 83,000,000 coins
Reward: Baby Teacup Pig

Expansion 5:
Quiet Clearing
Expansion Cost: 82,000,000 coins
Reward: Golden Shovel

Expansion 1:
The Scented Trail
Expansion Cost: 81,000,000 coins
Reward: 500,000 Coins

Expansion 2:
Fragrant Fields
Expansion Cost: 80,000,000 coins
Reward: 50 Bags of Fertilizer

Expansion 3:
Perfumed Pasture
Expansion Cost: 79,000,000 coins
Reward: Baby Mirandaise Cow

Expansion 4:
Bouquet Borough
Expansion Cost: 78,000,000 coins
Reward: 25 Pack of Speed-Grow

Expansion 5:
Essence-ial Escape
Expansion Cost: 77,000,000 coins
Reward: 15 Energy Pack


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