“Giving Thanks” Quest Preview!

Percy’s such a sweetheart, making sure the kids at the orphanage have a good holiday! He is!  I thought I’d help out as well, with some nice things to eat for them. Release Date: 10/11/2015

Place a Little Log Workshop.Gather 15 Water. Water 15 Lemon Verbena.

Collect 5 Leaf Platter.Feed 4 Adult Chicken.Make 2 Lemon Verbena Cream Peach.

Harvest 3 Olive Tree.Feed 2 Mini Cow.Have your sweetie or kid do 1 Pearl Diving Job.

Collect 5 Pumpkin Jar.Gather 20 Power.Make 3 Cornbread.

Tend your Goat Shelter 2 times.Harvest 3 Lemon Tree.Make 2 Cheddar Loaf.

Feed 2 Adult Cow.Make 5 Half and Half.Make 4 Apple Juice.

Collect 5 Turkey Cookie.Feed 4 Adult Pig.Make 3 Pumpkin Pie.

Tend your Sheep Shack 2 times.Harvest 30 Sunflower.Make 3 Goat Cheese and Truffle Crostini.

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