Get Ready for the Puppy Pageant!

Start now! The sooner you train the puppies, the sooner you can adopt all four! Get four unruly puppies ready for the puppy pageant, and adopt them all when they’re fully trained!

Start with 2 Training Ribbons to help you train the puppies quicker! Adult dogs will entertain Farmhands, who’ll leave more gifts! Make room on your farm for your puppy, and come back to the Stage to finish adopting your puppy!

Complete each lesson within the time limit to earn two Training Ribbons! Any later, and you’ll only earn one! The limited-time boosts will help you finish the lessons within the time limit so you can earn Training Ribbons faster! Earn 16 Training Ribbons to successfully train all four puppies!

Once they’re pageant ready, you can adopt them! Each lesson you choose gives you an exclusive way to boost your productivity. Don’t miss out on using these to complete each town within its time limit!

Puppy Stage Training Ribbon
New Materials for the Next Quest:
Doggie Bowl Pair of Doggie Boots
Doggie Tug Rope Doggie Ball
Sour Doggie Biscuit Crunchy Doggie Bread
Doggie Cake Doggie Doughnuts
Doggie Frisbee Doggie Chew Sticks
Dog Bow Tie Doggie Whistle
Doggie Ball Heirloom Doggie Ball
Mini Bell Training Treat
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