“Gala-vant” 1st Week, Quest Preview!

During the Next Weeks will arrive new Quests with a new building. Below the 1st Week!

1st Week: Link
2nd Week: Soon
3rd Week: Soon
4th Week: Soon

Gather 30 Water.Water 15 Wheat.Harvest 15 Wheat.
Collect 5 Gala Snow Sled.Feed 4 Adult Cow.Make 5 Berry Custard.
Make 4 Cornbread.Get ot Raise 1 Buffalo.Make 2 Hard Boiled Eggs.
Harvest 4 Apple Tree.Make 4 Safety Cushion, for a safe landing.Make 2 Toboggan
Collect 15 Gala Snow Sled.Get or Raise 2 Buffalo.Actions on neighbor farms.
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