FV2 Country Escape: “Farmer Flo’s Bake Sale’ Quest Guide!

I’m Flo from Progressive. Ever since I was a little girl, thought I’d pay a visit and see if you wanted to “go with the Flo”. I don’t usually talk in third person. Only when I bake.


Farmer Flo’s Bake Sale: Quest 1-3
Quest Tasks:
Tap on the Progressive Banner
Visit the Grandma’s Glade
Collect 2 Cow Milk

Farmer Flo’s Bake Sale: Quest 2-3
Quest Tasks:
Make 2 Sugar
Collect 3 Eggs
Bake 1 Blackberry Pie

Farmer Flo’s Bake Sale: Quest 3-3
Quest Tasks:
Sell 1 Blackberry Pie
Bake 1 Blackberry Custard
Find Flo’s Progressive Apron at Grandma’s Glade

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