“Flower Plower” Quest Preview

User, can’t you just smell spring in the air? Such fragrant flowers are blooming everywhere! Marie’s bouquets make for the most colorful display! They’ve put me in a rather poetic mood today.

Gather 20 Water. Water 20 Orange Marigold  Feed 3 Adult Chicken
5 Pansy Headband  Harvest 20 Marigold    Make 2 Rope Basket


Harvest 2 Pear Tree   Gather 20 Power.   Make 3 Tomato Soup.
Get 5 Indoor Planter.   Harvest 10 Sunflower.  Make 3 Lil’ Miss
Pig Pen 2 times.   Harvest 20 Radish.   Make 2 Blue Rubber Glove


 Chicken Coop 2 times.  Harvest 20 Strawberry.   Make 3 Strawberry Pie.
5 Floral Fabric.  Fertilizer Bin 2 times.  Gather 8 Heirloom Orange.
Sheep Shack 2 times.  Harvest 4 Apple Tree    Make 2 Brown Cloth.
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