Feathered Friends and City Trends” Quest Preview!

Hello {user}, Barbara must have told you about the Feathered Friends Convention, right? She just did! I’m just bursting to tell you a secret connected to that…

Oooh, tell me! But first, I’ve been instructed by my darling wife to make sure we get started on helping her decorate! Aw, shucks.

 New Image-3
Place 1 Crafting Corner. Feed 5 Adult Chicken. Water 15 Red Orach.
New Image-3
Collect 5 Brocade Ribbon  Harvest 15 Wheat. Make 3 Feather
New Image-3
Fertilize 20 CrimeIris. Feed 4 Adult Goat. Have your sweetie
New Image-3New Image-3Collect 5 Sewing Machine. Feed 6 Adult Horse. Make 4 Zipper.
New Image-3
Collect 3 Pink Feather  Make 2 Wool Socks for Walter. Make 3 White Feather
New Image-3Collect 5 Fancy Cufflinks. Make 3 Strawberry Lemonade. Go Fishing 5 times.
New Image-3Tend your Pig Pen 2 times.  Gather 20 Goat Cheese. Make 3 Goat Cheese
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