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FarmVille 2:Learn How To Get Extra Exotic Eggs Rare

We found another trick for our FarmVille 2 Fans. Now there are chances to get some extra exotic rare eggs with your friends help without waiting too long. I must admit that this tip might seem obvious but none of our neighbours has done on our farm, we concluded that therefore nobody knows this trick works!




“Same for me, 4 eggs exotic than I were all won on this website with one to one , with nothing hut, like my husband, he had only one egg per cabin, but it had very lucky because it was super rare egg, he had 4 other by 1 to 1  and had her hen, it is almost the same as a hen her second he henceforth 4 eggs again (again obtained by the 1 for 1  ), it is very rare to have an egg even more exotic say it was more of fowl, the greater the chance of having an egg is wrong, because my husband 3 days to 25 adult hen and had nothing, while he had one egg in the cabin when it happened was only 5 chicken!! , really anything that thing “


You can click on the cabin of your neighbours to have a chance to have it too.



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