Farmville 2: Winter Carriage + Task List

On Christmas Eve, the new theme will appear on our farm. Marie leads the winter carriage on our farm and invites us for a ride. We help you finalize the coach and prepare ourselves for the great adventure of the Christmas days.

The new theme includes again eight new main tasks as well as some side quests, which we have listed below for you. Who unattended leaves his farm during the Christmas holidays, can work your way here before.


We also want to know what you think of the new theme, of course. Just leave a comment below this easy. We wish you all a Merry Christmas!


The luggage and the coming winter coach. On the far right of the ice fountain, which donated us a total of 75 drops of water (day 5 until it is used up.)


task I
Place the luggage place on your farm
Feed 2 adult rabbits
10x harvest corn

task II
Collect 5 crates harvest
Harvest 16 Tomatoes
Point 2x tomato puree ago

task III
Harvest of 4 apple trees
Take care of 2x to the fertilizer container
Harvest 12 Georgian kale

task IV
Collect 5 Bags
Jaw a cabbage leaf Quiche
Collect 8x fur

Take care of 2x to the goat shed
Harvest of 4 lemon trees
Collect 12x wood

task VI
Take care of 2x to the stables
Feed 4 adult horses
Collect 8x wool

task VII
Collect 5 “food stamps”
Harvest of 4 orange trees
20x harvest wheat

task VIII
Take care of 2x to the cowshed
Feed 6 adult cows
Crop of 8 peach trees

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