Farmville 2: The Christmas stock station and Task List

Help Marie their inventories for the Christmas season and the cold winter increase! Next week Tuesday (10:12.) Is the supply station on our farm. Using this we can examine and process the fur of our love animals.


If we are good we even get a white horse Iceland GIFT! The new theme includes again eight new main tasks, which we have listed below for you. Enjoy the preparatory work – But keep in mind that the tasks to the publication date can still change.

Task I
Place the supply station
10x harvest corn
Pour 2 apple trees

task II
Collect 5 Winter figures
Have 1 fully grown deer / deer / reindeer on the farm
Set a 4 Farmhand

task III
Feed adult goats
Helping 10x on neighboring farms
15x harvest wheat

task IV
Collect 5x carefully selected wine
Feed 5 adult chickens
Site 5x Blueberry Cream ago

task V
Feed 1 adult Buffalo
Take care of 1x to the blast furnace
Use 1x a supply station

task VI
Take care of 2x to the goat shed
Feed 4 adult goats
Point 3 flames cake with goat cheese ago

task VII
Collect 5 mint candies
Feed 4 adult rabbits
Spot 3 leather diaries ago

task VIII
Feed 3 adult horses
Collect 20x fur
Unused 4x the supply station

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