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FarmVille 2 Super Blue Roan Horse

FarmVille 2 Horse training weeks going on and you have got many horse quests in the game like horse training and horse proteins released previously. In FarmVille 2 Horse are just like in other games where you have to ride horses and train them for races so here is difference that Horse makes your Farm more beautiful. This Beautiful super blue Roan Horse looks like more gorgeous than other available horses in the game. So this will be free with the help of finishing quests and training in the game. We are sharing all information we have got yet for you to inform you more about upcoming quests.



Super Blue Roan Horse


You Must Build Horse Shoe Press Iron


Once you have built the press feed your adult horses to collect a maximum of horseshoes aluminium. Here is what we read in our files: “Feed the horses for horseshoes. “

So you’ll like yogurt a gauge to fill. Once the gauge horseshoes filled, it will use the press to melt horseshoes, recycle and transform them into irons special horse scarce metals (copper and silver titanium). “Recycle horseshoes for get special shoes. “

It will get 12 horseshoes scarce metals to win the horse “Fetch all irons special horse to win a reward. Mary will be delighted to learn that you got 12 irons recycled horse. “

Irons copper will be fairly simple to get those silver a little more difficult and those very hard titanium (like the purple yogurt)






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