Farmville 2 Sheep Nursery, Learn how to train Sheep

Learn how to train Sheep to have different abilities, personalities and names in the new Farmville 2 Sheep Nursery. You might recall the similar feature Farmville 2 release months ago the Goat and Rabbit Nursery and so this time we will be having Sheep. They will have 3 different personalities and or abilities. We can expect this feature be release next week Jan 6 or 7.

First to build the Shep Nursery we will need the following parts to start building it:

  • Sheep Bedding
  • Baby Sheep Toys
  • Shearing Baskets

To collect Sheep Bedding you will need to click the “Post” button to show your request in your Facebook wall. Your friends can then click the post and once they did you will receive one and so is your friends. You may post every 18 hours.

To collect Baby Sheep Toys and Shearing Baskets you will need to ask your friends directly by clicking the “Ask” button. Or alternatively you can skip the whole process by spending the equivalent value of farm bucks. You can ask every 18 hours.


After collecting the necessary parts you can now click the “Start Building” button to start building the Sheep Nursery. You will then be prompted to look for helpers to finish building it. The number of helpers needed will be base on what level the player is currently in. Click the the “Ask friends” button to request your friends or neighbors to be part of your builders.

Once you complete all the required number of builders you can now click “Finish Building” and you will now have a completed Sheep Nursery.


Click on the Sheep Nursery to start training Sheep.

You can now choose which sheep to train.

  • You can buy one for farm bucks
  • or spend coins to buy one Baby White Sheep
  • or select one from the Market
  • or select one from your inventory

That’s all for now for Farmville 2 Sheep Nursery. We will post more update about this feature in the following days leading to it’s release next week. Start shopping for Sheep.

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