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FarmVille 2 Learn How to get this Horse

Farmville 2: This horse is for you! Discover how to get it NOW! And yes this beautiful winter Cyclesdale gallop soon on our farms  to get FREE it will participate in the event and make Christmas 3 missions we will offer. We will soon have to help Mary to spread the magic of Christmas. This event will last three weeks. Each week we will carry out a mission. In the first of these 3 missions we will decorate our Christmas tree, we still do not know the other 2 missions!


Cyclesdale the winter will be the final reward of these three missions. Will therefore have the 3 missions if you want your horse!




Other gifts will be well on to win for each of the missions here are the phrases that can be read in our files:

  • Spread the spirit of Christmas to open gifts.
  • Gagne decorations for your tree and many exclusive deals
  • Tip: three ends for a Cyclesdale exclusive winter.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page we will soon reveal to you the full details of the first mission of Christmas!



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