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FarmVille 2: Learn How To Get This Duck Free!

Learn how to win this duck below for FREE and yes next week we will have to clear the river and build a logging camp as we go camping with Gus and once we have cleared the river we will get the duck for free. Below we will show you all the goal details and pictures don’t forget to share with friends and like our facebook page to never miss any news



Build a logging camp to clear logjams and attract the rare and elusive Mandarin Duck!

Here are all the goals we have that are coming with this event:

Mission 1: Be Prepared

I’m taking a bunch of the local kids camping. Last trip of the Summer!

  • Harvest 15 Persian Melon before they’re out of season
  • Feed 2 Adult Cow to get some fresh milk
  • Make 1 Persian Melon Sorbet as a pre-trip treat

Mission 2: Gear Up

With your help, I’m sure we can get enough camping gear for all the kids!

  • Collect 5 Camping Canteens so nobody goes thirsty on our hike
  • Tend 2 Wells to fill up these canteens with fresh water
  • Water 8 Trees if you have some water left over. Trees love water

Mission 3: Zip It

The zipper on my sleeping bag is broken, but I know what to do!

  • Feed 4 Adult Rabbits to get the wool we need
  • Tend 1 Rabbit Warren for some fine rabbit wool
  • Make 2 Zippers and I’ll use them to fix my sleeping bag

Mission 4: Pack it In

Some of the kids need packs for camping, so lets see if we can help!

  • Collect 5 Camping Backpacks for the kids that don’t have one
  • Feed 6 Adult Chickens; I have an interesting idea for a snack
  • Make 2 Honey Fig Tart. They’re sticky but delicious

Mission 5: It’s the Little Things

You don’t want to go in your back pack for every little thing. We need some pouches!

  • Harvest 25 Persian Melons because they were delicious
  • Feed 4 Adult Horses, but we won’t be able to take them camping
  • Make 2 Leather Pouches to carry our things on the hike

Mission 6: The Bread also Rises

Fresh bread is delicious and we can take it along on our camping trip!

  • Harvest 25 Cereal Grain crops (like Wheat, Rye or Barley) Can’t make bread without grain
  • Tend Furnace 2 times; you need plenty of heat to bake bread
  • Make 2 of any type of bread. Carrot bread. Barley bread or just plain ole Bread Bread

Mission 7: Pitch It

We don’t have enough tents for everyone, but I know we can solve that problem!

  • Collect 5 Camping Tents to keep all the kids warm and dry on the campout
  • Feed 4 Adult Pigs so they don’t try to eat the tents
  • Make 5 Wool Paddings to put under our sleeping bags. Comfy!

Mission 8: Sunny Days Ahead

It’s always nice to have sunny weather for a campout!

  • Harvest 25 Sunflowers. It might bring a little sun our way
  • Make 2 Sun catchers to hold onto whatever good weather we get
  • Make 3 Muffins. Bread is good but muffins are muffins



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