Farmville 2: Learn how to get Free Icelandic Horse

Help Marie finish her holiday stockings in Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Station by adding fur trim and earn a Baby White Icelandic Horse! This is the new feature that will be release next week as players will be collecting “Fur” in order to help Marie.


There will be three types of fur that can be collected. In order to collect these furs we must harvest the following animals like Reindeer, Buffalo, or a Deer. But first we must build the Holiday Stocking Station.

To build the Holiday Stocking Station we need to place first the unfinished building in our farm.
After placing we need to gather the following materials in order to build it:


The materials are: Wicker Stacks, Red Ribbon and Green Hooks

Now once we collected all the materials we can now ask our friends to build it. Once completed it will look like this:
We can now collect the following fur:


Cream Fur Trim, Silver Fur Trim and Gold Fur Trim. We can collect these fur’s by tending Deer, Reindeer or Buffalo


The Final Reward will be a Baby White Icelandic Horse:


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