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Farmville 2: Learn how to get FREE bottles of milk!

Farmville 2: Learn how to get FREE bottles of milk! And yes, we all need milk bottles but we have good news for you very soon we will be able to win them FREE! As we have already explained we will tonight or tomorrow morning having to build a logging camp and clear the river logs the clutter to attract wild ducks and win a duck Exclusive! .Once we have completed four missions each week we will have a little challenge to make the woodcutter for us every time we will win valuable ingredients . Bottles of milk we will win in the first week of the challenge!



bottles milk

Before starting the challenge it will be necessary to have completed the first four missions of Week 1 of this new event. And we will have finish the challenge before the week two missions if we want to win the bottles so we do not need to waste time!

Challenge Deadwood bonus 1 of 4 – to satisfy Loggers

You could also do the grub for the logging crew? They will pay in bottles in milk. Men armed with axes, it is better to cuddle, right?

  • Harvest 18 apple pies to prepare other
  • 16 Cranberry Harvest on water plots
  • Prepare three apple pies for hungry loggers
You’ve really worked hard. The loggers are very happy and they will offer you bottles of milk.(Unfortunately we do not know how many bottles they will offer)



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