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FarmVille 2: Learn How To Get Blue Grey Cow Free!

Farmville 2: Learn how to get a FREE Blue Grey cow! And yes friends we can win a animal in the coming days with the ice sculpture table! As we have already explained the next event will be devoted to the ice sculpture and the cow will be the final reward!



blue gray cow fv2

We must therefore construct the table of ice carving and preparing beautiful sculptures! The cow is the final reward for this event!

f1 FarmVille 2: Free +10 Water [Wednesday,November 27] f2 FarmVille 2: Free +10 Water [Wednesday,November 27] f3 FarmVille 2: Free +10 Water [Wednesday,November 27]

water FarmVille 2: Free +10 Water [Wednesday,November 27] power FarmVille 2: Free +10 Water [Wednesday,November 27] salt FarmVille 2: Free +10 Water [Wednesday,November 27]



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