Farmville 2: Learn how to get a FREE White Icelandic horse!

Farmville 2: Learn how to get a FREE White Icelandic horse!As we have already explained Friday evening tomorrow or after tomorrow, we will have to build a workshop for Christmas stockings to help Mary to continue decorate our farm!Then we will need to feed our reindeer, our deer and bison for our furs. Once furs are obtained we will sort them in the studio for scarce fur 3 different colors. We will win the horse once we have completed the missions and recovered all the furs!

Mission 1

Place the Holiday Stocking Station
Harvest 10 corn (2 min)
Water 2 apple trees

Mission 2

Collect 5 figurines (post to news feed)
Have 1 deer or reindeer placed (baby white tailed deer 7000 coins)
Use 4 farm hands on your farm

Mission 3

Feed 3 adult goats
Help your neighbours 10 times
Harvest 15 wheat (4 hours)

Mission 4

Collect 5 fine vintages (post to news feed)
Feed 5 adult chickens
Craft 5 berry custard

Mission 5

Feed 1 adult buffalo (baby brown American buffalo 10,000 coins)
Tend your furnace twice
Use your Holiday Stocking Station once for

Mission 6

Tend your goat shelter twice
Feed 4 adult goats
Craft 3 goat cheese tarts

Mission 7

Collect 5 mint (post to news feed)
Feed 4 adult rabbits
Craft 3 leather journals

Mission 8

Feed 3 adult horses
Collect 20 fur from fur producing animals (deer/reindeer/buffalo)
Use the Holiday Stocking Station 4 times

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