FarmVille 2 Land Expansions: Everything you need to know

As your farm begins to grow in FarmVille 2, you’ll need more and more land to hold your growing collection of trees, animals and farm plots, but luckily, there are plenty of expansions available in the game’s starting game board that you can unlock over time. These expansions may be locked until you reach a certain level or until you unlock an expansion that touches it, but Zynga has provided us with a complete list of these expansions, which does currently include a few that are only available to purchase with Farm Bucks, the game’s premium currency, until further notice. Here’s a complete rundown of the game’s 15 expansions so that you can prepare!

Expansion 1: Starting Land in the Game
Expansion 2: Feed Mill
175 coins

Expansion 3: Family Well
Have 4 Eggs
1,000 coins

Expansion 4: Crafting Kitchen
Reach Level 5
Have 5 Trees
Gather 6 Milk
2,000 coins

Expansion 5: West Meadow, Cottontail Rabbits
Reach Level 8
Craft 2 Apple Scones
Gather 5 Garden Clippers from friends
20,000 coins

Expansion 6: Milk Meadow, Longhorn Cows, Extra Water Trough
Reach Level 11
Have 11 Adult Animals
Gather 7 Iron Hoes
50,000 coins

Expansion 7: Playground, Tire Swings
100 Farm Bucks for Early Access

Expansion 8: East Woodlands, Pine Trees for Logs
100 Farm Bucks for Early Access

Expansion 9: The Horse Wilds, Appaloosa Horse and Flags
100 Farm Bucks for Early Access

Expansion 10: Waterpatch, Extra Well
100 Farm Bucks for Early Access

Expansion 11: The Old Silo, More Feed Silo
Reach Level 15
Craft 3 Apple Pies
Gather 10 Pitch Forks
125,000 coins

Expansion 12: Mango Gardens, Peach Trees, Ivy Trellis Arches
Reach Level 20
Have 1 Adult Black Arabian Horse
Gather 13 Chainsaws
300,000 coins

Expansion 13: Golden Chicken Colony, Cochin Chickens, Concrete Birdbaths
Reach Level 24
Craft 5 Banana Cream Cakes
Gather 15 Produce Crates
500,000 coins

Expansion 14: Apricot Acres, Apricot Trees, Dinner Bell
Reach Level 28
Have 8 Saddles
Gather 18 Garden Gloves
750,000 coins

Expansion 15: Camarillo Country, Camarillo Horses, Hitching Posts
Reach Level 30
Craft 8 Apricot Trifles
Gather 20 Garden Clippers
1 million coins

It’s definitely possible that additional land expansions will be released in FarmVille 2 after the Level 30 mark is reached by a large group of players, and we’ll make sure to let you know how to expand into those squares if and when they’re eventually released. Stay tuned!

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