Farmville 2 how many windmills we can have

I know we are often asked how many windmills can we have. We are often asked how many furnaces can we have.
If you ever are in doubt simply go to your “Blueprint” icon – click on it and that little icon will pretty much tell you regarding the limit on the buildings.
We are allowed one Windmill. With that said however, inside the windmill, we can place our furnaces to gain more power.

Some folks like to leave one furnace out on the farm because there is often a quest that asks for a small amount of power rather than using up your whole amount and having to wait for it to replenish.
So that is why you may see a furnace or 2 left out.

But we are allowed one Windmill. It clearly says 1/1 not 1/15 or 1/7.

One Windmill (upgrade-able)
One Water-tower (upgrade-able)
One Animal Barn (upgrade-able)
One Barn (upgrade-able)
One Crop Dryer (upgrade-able)
One Fertilizer Bin (upgrade-able)
I dont want to get into a debate that Farmer A has 12 Windmills so we need to call the Zynga Police – I simply put this out there so that you know what YOU are allowed to have.


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