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FarmVille 2 Get Butterfly House

After pigs, make up the butterflies! Indeed, the next few days without doubt Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. A new greenhouse butterfly will be offered to all joeuurs and accompanied by eight new missions. According to the information that we can share with you now, we know that new exclusive rewards can be won with this novelty that an animal worth fifty tickets!

Do not forget to build the greenhouse and complete missions you must use the FarmVille page 1 2 For 1




ethereal beauty

Greenhouse has a butterfly – Use 1 For 1
Fertilizes crops to attract beautiful butterflies
Give the time to visit Barbara in her B & B to help
entomology honey


Retrieves paper butterflies to decorate the butterflies friends
Harvesting of trees to find butterflies
Harvest daisies
The Butterfly Effect 3 of 8

Harvest citrus for fresh lemons
Prepares madeleine lemon to taste the happiness
Dreams petals

Retrieves paper flowers to decorate the B & B – Use 1 For 1
Harvest plots Iris Crimea to offer pretty flowers pretty butterflies
Manufactures small bouquet of irises for friends butterflies B & B
The apple of my eye

Harvest apple and looking ahead butterflies
Take care of both your shack chickens for eggs
Prepares pies Tatin as restaurant
The Butterfly Effect 6 of 8

Fed pigs for mud
Manufactures under-the-flat because I love floral
Preparing crème brûlée for customers chic
In search of lost butterflies

Retrieves guides to butterflies More – Use 1 For 1
Fertilized plots Crimean iris to bloom your farm
Manufactures iris bouquet to decorate the tables at the B & B
Butterfly abundance

Take care of the grove to find other butterflies
Has flower pots in the greenhouse butterflies butterfly
Prepare pumpkin pies to celebrate the season of butterflies



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