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Farmville 2: Frog Catching Kit Build Information Quest

Goal 1:
Place the Tree Frog Catching Kit
Dry 8 White Lilies in your Crop Dryer
Feed 2 Adult Ducks



Goal 2:
Collect 5 Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers (Post to Game Feed)
Water 10 Turk’s Cap
Craft 2 Turk’s Cap Jelly in your Kitchen
Turk’s Cap Jelly Recipe

Goal 3:
Dry 10 Cranberries in your Crop Dryer
Feed 1 Tree Frog
Craft 2 Cranberry Bread in your Kitchen
Cranberry Bread Recipe

Goal 4:
Collect 5 Sounds of the Bayou Records (Post to Game Feed)
Have 1 Frog Garden Statue
Craft 2 Froggie Love Nests in your Workshop
Froggie Love Nest Recipe

Goal 5:
Dry 8 Rice in your Crop Dryer
Gather 20 pieces of Wood by harvesting any Wood producing trees
Craft 2 Froggie Love Shacks in your Workshop
Froggie Love Shack

Goal 6:
Tend your Duck House 2 times
Feed 2 Adult Horses
Craft 2 Riding Boots in your Workshop
Pair of Riding Boots

Goal 7:
Collect 5 Love Float Romance Novels (Post to Game Feed)
Have 20 Cow Lilies (Must unlock the Crop Packet reward in the Frog Catching Kit in order to plant & harvest)
Craft 2 Rice Porridges in your Kitchen
Rice Porridge Recipe

Goal 8:
Tend your Horse Stable 2 times
Dry any 25 Water Crops in your Crop Dryer
Craft 2 Froggie Love Floats in your Workshop
Froggie Love Float



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