Farmville 2: Come On Down To Camp Apaloosa!

Walter and the Camp Apaloosa Sprout campers need your help! They’re short on some pretty critical supplies and have come to the most resourceful farmer they know: YOU!

Build a Camp Apaloosa Tent to craft items for the Sprout campers and get excited, because they intend to reward you handsomly for your efforts. These campers might be a little disorganized, but their troupe’s got deep pockets and as a result the Camp Apaloosa quests pay off in big ways.

Camp Apaloosa Merit Badges

You’ll need Merit Badges to collect rewards from the Sprout campers. You’ll trade your Badges in for Water during the first week of the quests’ availibility. After that, the prizes only get better! Most of your badges will come from crafting items in the Camp Apaloosa Tent, but even your Farmhands want to help out, so when you use a Farmhand they’ll have a chance to drop a Merit Badge!

Camp Apaloosa Tent Crafts

Once you’ve started to collect enough Merit Badges, you’ll receive all kinds of fantastic rewards. Free Water is only the beginning.

Redeem Water

We hope you enjoy your stay in Camp Apaloosa! Thank you for playing, Farmers!

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