Farmville 2: Co-Op Headquarters!

Hey {user}! I built your Co-op Headquarters! Check it out! Hey! I moved hay bales around to save some space! I’m clearing room for an exciting new addition! You have the same amount of help don’t worry!

That’s good. I’ll call in FREE Farmhands for you to try out! Hey there, how do you like my new Co-op Truck? Soon you’ll be able to Join a Co-op with other farmers!You can get help whenever you need it for Crafting and the Order Board!

All ingredients will be easier to get! Crops, Animal Goods, everything! Hey {user}! I’m looking for a Co-op to expand our delivery service! Yeah, I upgraded your Order Board so you can win together with other farmers!

Co-ops help each other out on Orders and earn 3X the Favors! I have an exciting opportunity for you to start early. {coopName} reached a new Town! Time for a Co-op celebration!





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