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FarmVille 2: Attract Pigs in Your Farm

Farmville 2: Attract wild pigs on your farm with many items offered by Gus! And so Wednesday is the big day, the pigs in our farms land with lots of news! This is Gus will help us attract and tame wild pigs.  We will without delay make you discover all the things that we can get through it.We will first have to build a mushroom with new missions, but if you need more space once you have obtained the pigs and have been awarded the mushroom you can store it so you will not waste space


Here’s what you can read in our files: “Since winning pigs deal now hunting for truffles, you no longer need your mushroom, is not it? Click Store to place a mushroom in your inventory. “

But that’s not all Gus will offer many other objects to attract the pigs here phrases from our files that illustrate these gifts:




“A beautiful conical haystack offered by Gus to tame wild pigs”

“A beautiful garden shed unique offered by Gus to tame wild pigs.”

“A beautiful and sturdy planter offered by Gus to tame wild pigs.”




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