Farmville 2 Animal Limit Guide

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We have some players that are confused with the Animal Limit in the game. As of the moment, our game is only limited to 55 animals that we can place on the farm. Limits are being controlled by the Troughs that we place on our farm. In addition, the number of Troughs that we can have are also limited for now. We can only have up to 6 Water troughsand 1 Shady trough that can be purchased from the General Store. Each Water trough will give us additional 5 capacity of animals from the farm while the Shady Trough will give us additional 10 capacity of animals from the farm. Here’s the information that we can use in maximizing our animals using our Troughs and our Animal Buildings:

Water Trough Guide:




1st Free  Purchase Milk Meadow Expansion +5 Animals
2nd  5,000 Coins  Level 3 +5 Animals
3rd 20,000 Coins  Level 12 +5 Animals
4th 28,000 Coins  Level 21 +5 Animals
5th 45 Farm Bucks   – NA – +5 Animals
6th Free   Old Watering Hole Expansion (Level 68)   +5 Animals

Shady Trough Guide:
1st   10,000 Coins      Level 5                                                      +10 Animals

Initial Limit (Start of the game): 10 Animals
Water Trough: +5 Animals
Shady Trough: +5 Animals
Upgrade to Deluxe Shady Trough: +5 Animals
To avoid confusion, 10 animal capacity is given to us at the start of the game. Adding Water troughs will give additional 5 (6 max water troughs = 30 capacity) and adding a Shady Trough will give us additional 10 capacity. If you upgrade your Shady Trough to Deluxe Shady Trough, additional 5 capacity will be added. All in all, we can only have 55 maximum animals roaming on our farm.
Animal Barn Guide:





1st Coins & Favors

Complete building

+15 Animals

2nd  Coins & Favors

Level 1 Animal Barn

+25 Animals

3rd Coins & Favors

Level 2 Animal Barn

+35 Animals

4th Coins & Favors

Level 3 Animal Barn

+45 Animals

5th Coins & Favors

Level 4 Animal Barn

+55 Animals

6th Coins & Favors

Level 5 Animal Barn

+65 Animals

7th Coins & Favors

Level 6 Animal Barn

+75 Animals

We can also have 75 more adult animals stored inside a fully upgraded (level 7) Animal Barn!
Additional Information:
While our total capacity is only up to 130 (Animal Barn and roaming animals combined), we can temporarily store our “Prized animals” inside our Inventory/Storage and Animal Pasture for us to be able to add new animals again. Also, there are available Storage Buildings for certain Prized animals on the farm that we can purchase and build to help us maximize the limit, as well.
Duck House: Prized Ducks
Goat Shelter: Prized Goats
Horse Stable: Prized Horses
Pig Pen: Prized Pigs
Prized Chicken Coop: Prized Chickens
Prized Cow Shed: Prized Cows
Sheep Shack: Prized Sheep
Rabbit Warren: Prized Rabbits
These buildings will help us feed those Prized animals on our farm without affecting our Animal Capacity Limit.
Stay tuned for upcoming features!
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