Expand to the Rustic Highlands! (Coming Soon)

Expand to the Rustic Highlands for an uplifting experience!
Expansion 64:  “Moonlit Meadow”
Get the soil in tip top shape!
Expansion 65: “Gleaming Grounds”
Convince the goats to clear the grass!
Expansion 66: “Playful Pasture”
Put a pin in it!
Expansion 67: “Humble Heights”
Hire a clearing crew!
Expansion 68: “Delightful Dell”
Prove your chiptastic crafting skills!
Expansion 69: “Windy Woodland”
Get your paperwork in order!
Expansion 70: “Shady Steppe”
All in a day’s work
Expansion 71: “Green Grove”
Prove your crafting skills!
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