“Don’t Stop Beleafing” Quest Preview!

I’ve always said that you make your own luck. But finding a son like Percy? That’s something I could never have planned. He’s been on his best behavior, of late.

In fact, he told us that he’s lucky that Barbara and I are his parents. Of course he is! He’s looking for four leaf clovers so he can share his luck with his friends. Can he look for some on your farm?
Place 1 Clover Cauldron  Water 20 Eggplant   Feed 3 Adult Sheep

Collect 5 Lozenge    Feed 4 Adult Chicken    4 Peach Lemonade

Use 2 Farm Hand   10 actions on Neighbor   Make 2 Produce Tote
Collect 5 Lucky Keyring  Harvest 20 Pumpkin  Make 4 Pumpkin Pie

Cow Shed 2 times   Harvest 15 Lemon   Make 2 Lemon Bacop
Feed 3 Adult Ostrich Harvest 20 Wheat  Make 2 Rustic Truffle
Collect 5 Children’s Novel   Harvest 3 PecTree Make 5 PecMuffin
Horse Stable 2 times Feed 5 Adult Pig Make 2 Blue Handkerchief

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