Dessert Pros” Quest Preview!

Desserts are great to stock up for the summer, but there’s a problem.” “Oh?” “We’ll need to keep them really cold, and now that it’s getting warmer, it isn’t easy!”

“Oh No!” Don’t worry! We’ll find ways to save your desserts… I’m going to be snacking on some of them myself, though!

Place a Dessert Oven  Buy 1 Baby Cow  Water 20 Zucchini
Collect 5 Freezer    Harvest 30 Zucchini     Make 4 Apple Juice
Fertilize 20 Pumpkin  Feed 3 Adult Pig    kid do 1 Foraging job
Collect 5 Dry Ice.    Feed 5 Adult Chicken   Make 5 Orange Cupcake
Make 2 Double Cream    Harvest 5 Apple    Make 2 Fried  Zucchini
Collect 3 Gelato.   Make 5 Sheep Pillow   Make 2 Swiss Cheese


Collect 5 Clove Oil      Make 5 Dog Leash      Go Fishing 5 times
Horse Stable 2 time  Feed 5 Adult Horse    Make 2 Goat Cheese
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