“County Full of Colors!” Quest Preview!

Hey, farmer! I love visiting your farm. The welcome here is always warm! Hey hey, Marie! I saw you and Cornelius brewing cold teas! How’s that going?
Beau-tea-fully! I have my own little project to spruce up the county in time for spring, to make it look pretty! I’ll help!

5 actions on neighbor      Gather 20 Water.    Water 15 Florist’s Cineraria
5 Flowering Topiary    Gather 15  Egg              2 Strawberry Lemonade
Collect 8 Piece of Wood    Feed 4 Adult Rabbit   Have your sweetie or kid
Collect 5 Colorful Pebble     Gather 20 Power      Make 3 Cranberry Muffin
Horse Stable 2 times      Harvest 4 Apple      Make 2 Brown Spindle
Feed 4 Adult Cow   Make 3 Bucket of Plaster      Make 2 Citrus Tea
Collect 5 Red Bird Feeder     Feed 5 Adult Horse        Go Fishing 5 times
Harvest 20 Strawberry     your Pig Pen 2 times    Make 3 Strawberry Ice Cream
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