Check out the Recipes coming with the Syrup Rack!

During this week will arrive new Recipes in our Farm together the Syrup Rack!! Below the specifications for the production of these new recipes.

Ragu Concentrate:
Ragu Concentrate = Olive x8 + Tomato x10
Heirloom Ragu Concentrate:
Heirloom Ragu Concentrate = Heirloom Olive x8 + Tomato x10
Fruity Nectar:
Fruity Nectar = Apple x8 + Cranberry x10
Heirloom Fruity Nectar:
Heirloom Fruity Nectar = Heirloom Apple x8 + Cranberry x10
Red Compote Syrup:
Red Compote Syrup = Mango x8 + Strawberry x12
Heirloom Red Compote Syrup:
Heirloom Red Compote Syrup = Heirloom Mango x8 + Strawberry x12
Yellow Compote Syrup:
Yellow Compote Syrup = Mango x8 + Lemon x8
Heirloom Yellow Compote Syrup:
Heirloom Yellow Compote Syrup = Heirloom Mango x8 + Lemon x8
Cabbage Cream:

Cabbage Cream = Clotted Cream x6 + Rosewater x3
Raisin Mash:
Raisin Mash = Raisin x6 + Clotted Cream x8
Corn Chowder Reduction:
Corn Chowder Reduction = Corn x8 + Onion x8
Risotto Reduction:
Risotto Reduction = Rice x8 + Onion x12
Tart Berry Syrup:
Tart Berry Syrup = Blueberry x12 + Yogurt x6
Berry Compote Syrup:
Berry Compote Syrup = Blueberry x12 + Cranberry x6
Pumpkin Syrup:
Pumpkin Syrup = Pumpkin x12 + Granulated Sugar x3
Truffle Syrup:
Truffle Syrup = Truffle x6 + Sweet Truffle Butter x3
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